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Our consultants together with your company's asset owners leverages their experiences and insights of your organization to determine your core valuable information assets sources that must be integrated, managed, collaborated and secured. We then tailor our expertise in delivering solutions that reactively or proactively addresses each need.
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itechnocrat ecommerce consulting services:
Itechnocrat Ecommerce Consulting offers small to medium size manufacturing and retailing businesses services in the following areas:-

Ecommerce Initiative Plan which shows you
1. How to focus  your Ecommerce goals.
2. How to set up a budget and stick to it.
3. Legal issues you must know

Create an Identity and Attract Customers shows you
1. How to create online branding
2. How to provide customer service
3. How to build traffic and community

Your Ecommerce Site shows you
1. How to create your site framework
2. Help you decide whether to build the site your self or outsourced it
3. How to work with outsourcing firms, developers or your initiative team
4. What is at your Ecommerce back-end and what hosting is.
5. How to integrate you site to those of your business partners, buyers,     suppliers etc

Maintain, Promote, and Win show you 
1. How to manage and maintain your site content
2. How to your site to your target market
3. How to determine your ROI and success

Itechnocrat also offer retailers consulting services on how to develop strategies that enable them to

Dominate their marketplace.
Set meaningful goals for their businesses.
Define their target customers.
Assess their competitive strength.
Develop an internet strategy.
Minimize their business risk.
As a small retailer, are you competing against other  big retailer (s)? If yes, then one thing Itechnocrat Retail Strategy consulting can help you in is in coming up with a strategy that can enable you to find a gap in your competitors product/service offering and then fill it. To win, you must become a true specialist.


The retail marketplace is fast becoming the domain of those who know how to use their core strengths to dominate. To be successful, your business need retail strategies based on these four primary areas:


  1) Product Selection that meet your customers needs
  2) Convenience - multiple touch point strategy.
  3) Shopping Experience
  4) Price


To succeed, you must dominate your marketplace using one of these strategies. A second strategy must also be well supported by your retail concept. Call Itechnocrat today and we will be glad to show you how you can develop a winning strategy for  each of them. 



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Information assets are freely flowing throughout an organization and often  crosses outside organizational boundaries to other entities such as partners, customers, and suppliers hence exposing it to all kinds of risk.