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Our consultants together with your company's asset owners leverages their experiences and insights of your organization to determine your core valuable information assets sources that must be integrated, managed, collaborated and secured. We then tailor our expertise in delivering solutions that reactively or proactively addresses each need.
  Itechnocrat FIDX - Oil and Gas Professional Services Solutions to Faster Payment:



Isn't it true that every service provider Accounts Receivable Manager, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) wish is to get paid faster for services their companies offer? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Now with Itechnocrat Financial Information Data Exchange (FIDX) base on Petroleum Industry Data Interchange (PIDX) and Chemical Industry Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) former (CIDX) standards  - service providers can start realizing faster payment as soon as their services are delivered. FIDX offers service providers timely, quality, and accurate processing and delivery of purchase orders, field tickets, field ticket responses, invoices and most importantly guaranteed first pass yield field ticket or invoices dispute resolutions.  FIDX also takes care of other issues that hinders faster payment such as:

         Timely and accurate processing and delivery of projects data such as project schedule, project resource costing and project planning to clients, contractors and partners. 

         Simplify and automate delivery of purchase orders, services orders, service order responses and invoices to both internal and external customers

         Offers visibility and deep insights  to critical service delivery processes both internally and externally.

        Adds value and eliminate service delivery systems waste

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Our Products and Services

ITECHNOCRAT RFP-to-Order-to-Cash process management solutions deliver fully automated Request for Proposal (RFP) documents management, RFP committee meetings management, task assignment, review and approval process workflows. This solution help Sales Team Leaders efficiently and effectively coordinates and manage RFP's resulting in short response time. Following the Itechnocrat RFP process management system is Itechnocrat Purchase or Service Order Management, Enterprise Invoicing Management and Predictive Account Receivable Analytics Systems that delivers effective and efficient fully automated business-to-business (B2B/EAI) service order and invoicing delivery solutions.                                                              Learn more..


ITECHNOCRAT Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Consulting Services

Whether you company is looking for an opportunity to enable collaboration between departments, regional offices, business partners world wide or integrate systems to improve business processes, ITECHNOCRAT SharePoint Consulting Services have the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet your company individual needs.                                                          Learn more..
Systems Integration Consulting Services
To drive your company’s competitive edge and bottom line, you must position your company to deliver critical business information to your clients, partners and stakeholder when they need it.
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Expert Enterprise Project Management (EEPM) Consulting Services

The current economic meltdown calls for every company executives to implement Expert Enterprise Project Management (EEPM) solutions that can quickly, accurately and timely isolate projects that are either not delivering to the bottom line or are no longer strategically aligned.
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