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Our consultants together with your company's asset owners leverages their experiences and insights of your organization to determine your core valuable information assets sources that must be integrated, managed, collaborated and secured. We then tailor our expertise in delivering solutions that reactively or proactively addresses each need.
  About Wilfred  
We offer consulting services that utilize industry best practices and methodologies like COBIT 4.0, COSO, ITIL, ISO17799, ISO 15408-2 to address small to mid-size companies IT risk, security, governance, processes, internal control, internal risk auditing and compliance strategic business needs.

Who is Wilfred Kangong
Wilfred Kangong is Itechnocrat's founder and owner. He is also a senior and very highly skilled software engineer and manager whose expatriate in the field started while in college at Boston University where he was chosen to become a computer science teaching assistant while still an undergraduate student. At Boston University, this post usually is offered only to graduate students.  Wilfred has more than 10 years of software engineering and IT experience earned from working with many companies in the USA and Canada.

  Information Assets Risk Assessment Process:  
Before Itechnocrat deploy their products in any organization, they work with that organization assets owners to profile their assets and assess them for any security risk. This process help to determine and defines critical consequences to the organization if these risks are realized. The process also evaluate, categorize, and prioritize which risks need to be mitigated. Itechnocrat's products are then tailored to address these needs before deployment. Our business is the security for organizations information assets and "IF IT IS NOT SECURE, THEN IT IS NOT ITECHNOCRAT".
Research and Development :
Secure RFID Middleware
RFID Data Encryption
Middleware Security
Wireless Network Security
  Information assets are freely flowing throughout an organization and often  crosses outside organizational boundaries to other entities such as partners, customers, and suppliers hence exposing it to all kinds of risk.