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Our consultants together with your company's asset owners leverages their experiences and insights of your organization to determine your core valuable information assets sources that must be integrated, managed, collaborated and secured. We then tailor our expertise in delivering solutions that reactively or proactively addresses each need.
  Smart Marketing Cash Manager  
  itechnocrat secure smart marketing cash manager:  

Handle all cash registers point of sale transactions

Enterprise-wide instant Communication enabled 

What you can expect to pay for a state-of-the-art retail information system.

Provides Customer In-Store Personal Assistant like scanning of products for prices, instant support to customers i.e. the store have terminals where customers while shopping can ask sales support team question by simply typing their questions and once the send button is click, they get instant response from sales staff who could be anywhere in the world

Shop online pick-up and pay in the store enabled

Customer loyalty support
Much more
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Easy-to-understand  screens -quick access to complete product and customer information.
Process transactions quickly. The system allow your employees to process transactions efficiently. Your Cashiers can also reprint receipts or recall previous transactions from any point-of-sale register.
Offer better customer service. With access to complete customer histories, it's easy to target preferences. Suggest cross-sells and up-sells, advertise other products at the point of sale, and use information to market other products more effectively.
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Secure RFID Middleware
RFID Data Encryption
Information assets are freely flowing throughout an organization and often  crosses outside organizational boundaries to other entities such as partners, customers, and suppliers hence exposing it to all kinds of risk.