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Our consultants together with your company's asset owners leverages their experiences and insights of your organization to determine your core valuable information assets sources that must be integrated, managed, collaborated and secured. We then tailor our expertise in delivering solutions that reactively or proactively addresses each need.
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To drive your company’s competitive edge and bottom line, you must position your company to deliver critical business information to your clients, partners and stakeholder when they need it. For this to happen, your company decision makers must have the right data at the right time to be able to make inform and accurate decisions. It’s no excuse not to be in a position to deliver strategic information on demand to your clients because your company business data sources are scattered all over the world.  That is why you have ITECHNOCRAT, your partner and expert - ready to bring in tailored core skill sets to address and deliver solutions that meet each need.


Whether your business is in the Oil and Gas:-

ITECHNOCRAT will use their expertise and industry technology standard like Well-site Information Transfer Markup Language (WITSML) to integrate your upstream well drilling processes like Logging While Drilling (LWD), Measurement While Drilling (MWD), surveys and well logs to your back-office systems.

ITECHNOCRAT will also use technology standard like Production Markup language (PRODML) to integrate your field data coming from production equipments like Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Programming Logic Controls (PLC) systems data to your back-office systems.

Is your Account Receivable (AR) turn around time too long because it takes your company AR Clerks many human hours to manually prepare field tickets or service orders, field purchases and invoices?

ITECHNOCRAT will bring in industry standard technologies like American Petroleum Institute (API) Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX), Microsoft BizTalk Server and custom software development to integrate your field ticket, invoices and field purchases to your back-office systems and your partner’s systems.

What if none of the above solutions cannot address your needs in your Warehouse, Mining Sites, Retail Sites, Construction Sites, Manufacturing Sites, Factory Sites etc, ITECHNOCRAT will bring in it’s Enterprise Data Exchange System to custom deliver the solutions that addresses each.